Web Portal Development

Web portal is a place where user can get any information and arrange that in his own way. The information present in the web portal is not always related to each other. So all the users will get their information that they are trying to find. Example for these types of sites is the directory websites, which note any kind of information by category or group. They offer access to information from various sources via a single tailored web page.  

Portal Development designs that we have effectively carried out in the past include:

    Local Building
    Auction Portals
    Social Networking Sites
    Vertical Portal Solutions
    Yellow Pages/ Web Directory Development
    Dynamic News System
    Job Portal
    Auction Portals
    Matrimonial Portal
    Travel Portal
    Property Portal

IntuitM offers complete cycle portal development services. Our procedure starts with an extensive evaluation of user requirements and exactly what they're trying to accomplish. Translating these user needs into requirements for partnership, company procedure, customization, search, content management, and data show lays the structure for a portal that will be well-liked and hence accepted by the intended users.

Portals  offer a way for  business to provide a consistent look and feel with  gain access to control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether. They mostly focus on local structure on the internet. We offer specialized services with unique mix of strategy, innovation, design capabilities and quality to acquire 100 % confidence of our customers.

If you are thinking of web portal development and would like to know more about our services, contact us.