Remove Negative Reviews

Your Reputation is Everything

Online reviews can make you profitable or vulnerable. Love it or hate it, the web search results will show all positive and negative reviews about your brand. While you will be filled with glee to see the positive recommendations and feedback, you will be at the agonizing end to see the negative reviews about your brand.


Online reviews are important because astounding number of people first check a product online for its features, price and recommendations and then finally shell out money to own the product. Negating the customer away from negative online reviews online is a dampener to your business earnings. So, why not actively work on removing the negative reviews about your company or brand and proliferate the good word.

Restore, Protect and Promote Online Image

IntuitM serves to be the one stop shop for managing your online reputation. We will refurbish your online image, protect it from being tarnished and advance the positive reviews and posts of your brand. While you cannot remove the negative comments, a good SEO and a strong restoring tool can push down the negative reviews to the far end of the search result enabling the brand to portray itself in good light and allowing only apt reviews, comments and recommendations to hit the top search result list. Some of the useful tips to hinder negative reviews hog the limelight are here below.

  • Bury Negative Reviews – Contact the review site, launch a complaint or request and bury the inappropriate reviews by citing sound reasons.
  • Conversation with the reviewer/group - It is important to address issues professionally and state solutions/reasons.
  • Pushing the Positive Reviews – They are to be pushed to the forefront so that readers have access to only these positively impacting statements.
  • Game Plan for responding to threats – Build a strategy that takes care of all the aforesaid on a continual basis burying the negative reviews.