Local Branding

‘Local Brand is a brand or product or business that is marketed (distributed and promoted) in a relatively small and restricted geographical area is a local brand; it may be called a regional brand if the area encompasses more than one metropolitan market,’according to American Marketing Association

Branding means to create identity for your product. It captures the character of the product/ business that the customer can see and recognize in an instant. Businesses of any size can proclaim to be brands and it takes focussed plan and strategy to make a brand popular and robust. Global brands such as Nestle, Nike, Sony, Mc Donald’s, Starbucks and many more have global marketing and branding strategies make their products recognizable in any corner of the world.

Is local branding necessary?

Yes, it is. Not every business can turn global. What if you have aspirations to run your business locally or under a specific geographic region with respect to logistics and finances? Here comes the role of local branding establishing rules that run the business successfully at a local level. One grim mistake that local businesses do is to completely ignore branding ultimately affecting their sales. Follow the steps below for a successful local branding.

  • Develop a logo – Logo is an identity of a brand or business; building a logo ensures recognition by the customer base. Also, a strong message acting as the voice of the brand should be put along with the logo.
  • Consistency in Branding messages – It is easy for people to recognize brands that have kept the same colour and font for a long time. Consistency in branding evokes professionalism drawing customers close to the brand.
  • Develop strong bonds - Local brands have the feasibility to build stronger ties with their local customer base. They time and again meet distinctive local requirements and they have working and logistical advantages global competitors.
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