Google Plus Event

Google Plus Event

Google+ Events is yet another way in which Google is competing with facebook, twitter and other social networking sites, presenting a new opportunity for marketers. Along with this, google+ also offers some new features for organizing events.

You will be benefited from these new features of Google+ like scheduling and sharing finding your company’s events easier than ever:

  • Full integration with Google Calendar.
  • Easy Email Reminders
  • Hangout Integration
  • Events on Air
  • Real-time Event Photo Stream
  • Event Analytics and Insights

Google’s Benefits for Better Business Events

  • Basic Non-Public Event on Location: This is the perfect option if your business is hosting an employee party, client appreciation event or any closed event that has an actual location.
  • Advanced Google+ Hangout Option: This is a perfect option for scheduling virtual meeting or hangout for up to 10 employees.
  • Public Event on Location: This option is used in order to promote public events.
  • Promote Hangout On Air and Broadcast a Virtual Event: This is where Google+ Events really gets good
  • Google+ Newsfeed = Newsroom With Hangouts On Air.

Most marketers and businesses have been using Facebook Events to promote everything from webinars to company fundraising events within their Facebook community. But google+ now have extremely cool features for hosting the events.
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