Data Management Company

Data Management Company

IntuitM is developing as a leading business and database service provider that focuses on the provision of business services for clients through an inventive and innovative framework that is directly tied with enhanced service execution along the value chain. We deliver services which results in customer achievement stories through a collaborative approach with our clients. Our proficiencies in large scale management services across various industry verticals is making us a preferred partner for leading organizations in the country.

  Database Management Services

We are focused in building business models, such as retaining, cross-sell and response models. We offers analyses that displays customer behavior from every marketing channel-Web, direct marketing, sales, call centers and other related operations.

   Data Mining

We can gather input from a various sources and submit these data to statistical investigation using sophisticated measureable techniques by generating an optimization model and algorithm, which can identify common characteristics.

  Data Enhancement

From outer sources, we can affix demographics and information regarding lifestyles to create outlines and profiles of prescription and/or buying habits of consumers.

  Data Clean Up

Our programs can detect duplicates and plagiarized data or problem records. We run tests and trials against the data looking for glitches.

  Web Surveys

We undertake customized survey for you based on your requirements. We Assists you in making lucrative connections with customers. With our wide-ranging services you'll discover how to use customer information to gain marketing insights and competitive economical edge.

  Email Management

We provide personalized service in Handling of incoming and outgoing emails for business or other organizational requirements.

  Data Entry

Is an accurate science for us, exact input is essential. Customized data entry screens with proper parameters in place result in fewer alterations. Quality checks are done on-line and off-line based on pre-determined comparisons and analysis.