Android Application Development

An Android App is a software application that runs on the Android platform.The android platform is meant for the mobile devices, that is why an android application id designed for smart phones or a tablet PCs that runs on the Android OS.

Android apps are written in the Java programming language and use Java core libraries.

We specialize in using Android SDK’s APIs, audio-visual controller, handset emulator, sample code and debugging tools to develop applications that appear to be good and attractive and works perfectly as well.

We dominate our expertise in Android application development to offer technology solutions such as:

    Framework API’s
    Media Frameworks
    Printing Frameworks
    Android SDK supported java programming
    C/C++ programming
    Google play
    Using protocols
    Android Sync Adapters
    Near Field Communication (NFC)
    Third party social application integration
    Google Analytics integration

Our android app development covers all the perspectives of app development and offer infinite solutions with remarkable quality. Our android development offers:

    WiFi and GPS communication system
    Security systems
    Comprehensive range of bar code scanning systems
    Internet Applications
    Gaming applications
    Shopping and e-commerce systems
    Business and workplace systems

Our Android app developers make efforts to prepare the app with the core qualities and capabilities of Android in mind. It results in an app that is smooth, contoured and designed to provide a high quality user experience with power and excellent performance.

For a Consummate, flawless and perfectly developed app, contact IntuitM today.